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The divorce forms and papers available from our website are valid for use in all 50 states. The divorce forms available here are legal self-help divorce forms for use in your state. Our downloadable divorce forms packet contains instructions to help guide you through your divorce process. If at any time you become confused or uncertain about how to complete your forms you can always ask an attorney a question.

A do-it-yourself divorce can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees. Our website is where you get do-it-yourself divorce papers with a complete instruction guide for your state. Our divorce forms can be used in a no-fault divorce with or without children. Our divorce papers may also be used in both same sex and opposite sex divorces.

Our printable divorce forms packet contains information on how to file for legal separation and marriage annulment. Our divorce forms kit also contains divorce forms and instructions four issues such as child custody, child support, spousal support and more. In most no-fault do-it-yourself divorce cases there are very few forms that are required to complete your divorce. The most common do-it-yourself divorce document is a divorce settlement agreement form.

If you're interested in getting divorced on your own without the assistance of a lawyer, download our free online do-it-yourself divorce papers. Our website offers a complete set of fill in the blank do it yourself divorce forms that you may download, print and review for free anytime online. Our online divorce documents kit contains a complete set of step-by-step instructions to help guide you through the uncontested divorce process in all 50 states. Select your state to begin your divorce forms now. Complete the necessary information on each form. Print, sign and file your divorce paperwork with your local family court. You may also browse the list of available divorce papers below.

Please note that in order for you to do your own divorce you and your spouse must be in agreement on all aspects of the marriage and of the divorce. This would include custody and support of your children if applicable, financial support, asset division, debt division, etc. If you and your spouse do not agree on all aspects of your divorce, then it is better that you hire an attorney to handle your divorce for you.

It is important that you are accurate and truthful in all sections of your divorce forms. If you provide inaccurate or incomplete information on your divorce paperwork this will most likely delay the divorce process for you. Our website makes do-it-yourself divorce simple, fast and lawyer free.
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What are the differences between contested divorce and uncontested divorce?

In an uncontested divorce both parties in the divorce lawsuit must come to an agreement and have filled out and signed off on all the appropriate divorce documents stating that they have come to an agreement on all things related to the marriage and to the divorce. In most uncontested divorce cases the parties only need to fill out a few simple forms such as a divorce settlement agreement, marriage settlement agreement or a petition for divorce form. Child custody and support agreement forms will also need to be completed if applicable.

Both parties in the divorce must sign and file all of these divorce documents with the court for approval. Once these documents have been approved by the court you will be issued a final decree of divorce outlining your obligations, rights and responsibilities that you and your spouse have set forth for each other in your divorce agreement documents. Your divorce case will then be closed and you will be officially divorced.

This form of simple divorce is the least expensive. It is best suited for people who have little or no assets or property to divide. A simple uncontested divorce is still possible for couples with considerable assets and property, but all must be in agreement in order for the divorce to be considered uncontested. If any children are involved in the divorce case, both parents have to come to an agreement on custody, visitation and support of the children. In most uncontested divorces, it is not necessary for you to hire an attorney.

The family court system only requires that you and your spouse meet the residency requirements of your state or territory, and that all of the divorce documents you file with the court are filled out correctly and signed by both parties in the divorce case. Most family court systems have a waiting period which makes you wait a certain number of days before they will allow your divorce to become final. One of the benefits to an uncontested divorce is that you and your spouse may sign documents stating that you wish to waive this waiting period. This allows your divorce to be completed and final sooner.

Contested divorces however usually require the assistance of an attorney. This happens when the parties involved with the divorce do not agree or cannot come to an agreement on property, children, assets and other things related to the marriage. The courts will determine the things listed above if both parties of the divorce case do not reach an agreement. Contested divorces usually take longer to complete and can become very expensive for both parties involved due to legal fees and other inconveniences like having to miss work to appear in court, etc.